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Diana Grose, Biochemist, Naturopath and Health Coach
Diana Grose, Biochemist, Naturopath and Health Coach

I was educated and trained in England, and have spent half my adult life living in the Netherlands. Ever since I was 16 I have carried the desire to serve people with cancer, partly because my mother died of it at an early age when I was 19. I was always intrigued by how life works, wanting to understand it at the deepest level and discover how life could apparently go so wrong in cancer.

During my personal life, serious illness has brought me to my knees several times. My body gave me wake-up calls telling me it was time to end painful situations. Uncovering and accepting the messages behind those illnesses has been part of my own transformation. I have met my shame and vulnerability whilst striving to become visible as my true self. I discovered how to move from feeling like a victim to being able to take courageous steps towards self-empowerment. This is what still motivates me to help other women reclaim their power and life-force in order to overcome cancer.

Just recently life threw me another unexpected wake-up call. During emergency surgery to remove my appendix, a slow growing malignant tumour was found there. Fortunately the oncologist told me it has a very favourable prognosis. But of course it has inspired me to implement my own radical self-care programme during which I have undertaken many of the things I will advise you to do.  So I feel truly grateful for the lessons in “Walking my Talk” and what I have learnt whilst doing the nitty gritty practicalities.

I believe all humans have the potential to re-create health and heal beyond fear through a deeper understanding of their body’s natural wisdom. I cannot promise your cancer will never return. I do promise to offer you all my tools, knowledge and qualities to support and empower you on your healing journey.



Health Coach

I have a strong scientific foundation as well as a broad training in natural medicine. I was specifically trained as a Health Creation Mentor for cancer sufferers with integrative cancer doctor Rosy Daniel, see For 5 years I have taught a course called ‘’Developing your Inner Strength” at my local self-help cancer centre in Alkmaar. Working through movement, meditation and visualization enables participants to relax into a quieter mind and access their authentic centre of power, their own body wisdom. Currently I offer hands-on healing and deep relaxation sessions at Puyssentut, a retreat centre for cancer patients in France


My university education includes degrees in Biochemistry, Pharmacology & Pathology. In 1969 starting doing biochemical research in a hospital on oestrogen receptors in the tumours of women with breast cancer.

Gradually over a period of three years I became convinced that emotional factors, such as having a resilient coping style, had more influence on the progression of the disease than the presence or absence of oestrogen receptors. This prompted me to leave the biochemical approach. It does not mean I now believe we should not address the relevance of oestrogen and other hormones.

For the past 40 years I have been keeping up with scientific developments, researching the predisposing factors leading to the cancer process and the ways in which these causative factors can be neutralized or reversed.

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Natural Medicine

My training covered many modalities: iridology, herbal medicine, homeopathy, emotional bodywork, movement therapy, various forms of healing, stress management, neurofeedback. Meanwhile I spent 15 years in qualitative market research interviewing doctors about their use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Having now had 20 years of practical experience as a naturopathic practitioner, my background enables me to bridge the gap between orthodox and alternative medicine. It also enables me to be critically discerning regarding the validity of all the various information sources.

Recently training seminars with Dr. Xandria Williams, a London based naturopath and biochemist, who specializes in treating people with cancer,  has brought me up to date with the latest research findings about nutritional medicine in cancer. Her pioneering work on the use of early detection tests for monitoring the earliest signs of recurrence has been irreplaceable.


“Diana was extraordinarily helpful to me with hormonal/menopausal issues as well as with some much needed empowerment and prioritising of self-care. Her hands on work was characterised by a steady, soft presence of care and compassion. I have even more praise for her after receiving a well-researched written plan of supplements.”

Participant at Puyssentut ~ Retreat Centre for Cancer Patients