Physical exhaustion or a sense of being let down by your body.
Worry that your cancer will return.
Confusion about contradictory information available from many sources.
Overwhelmed and in need of trustworthy information.
Struggling to implement the supportive changes to your lifestyle.

Now you can take YOUR recovery in YOUR hands

I believe all humans have the potential to re-create health and heal beyond fear through a deeper understanding of their body’s natural wisdom. I cannot promise you that your cancer will never return. I do promise to offer you all my tools, knowledge and qualities to support you on your cancer journey and empower you to believe in your self-healing capacity.

Drs. Diana Grose, Biochemist, Naturopath & Health Coach

My university education includes degrees in Biochemistry, Pharmacology & Pathology and after some time in biochemical research into women with breast cancer I became convinced that emotional factors play a huge part in the progression of the disease. This prompted me to look beyond the biochemical approach.

My 20 years of practical experience as a naturopathic practitioner, and my strong scientific foundation, allow me to bridge the gap between orthodox and alternative medicine. For the past 40 years I have been keeping up with scientific developments, researching the predisposing factors leading to the cancer process and the ways in which these causative factors can be neutralized or reversed.

I trained as a Health Creation Mentor for cancer sufferers with integrative cancer doctor Rosy Daniel and for 5 years I have been teaching a course on ’Developing your Inner Strength” at my local self-help cancer centre in Alkmaar.

My own personal experience of serious illness, and the loss of my mother to cancer, motivate me to help other women, like you, to reclaim their power and life-force in order to overcome cancer.

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“I can unreservedly recommend Diana to anyone who has cancer and I see her as an important member of my support network. She is an unusual resource in these times, as she has a strong scientific background but covers the range of life’s rich tapestry with considerable knowledge.”

SS ~ Cancer sufferer

“I found making treatment decisions difficult and she helped me with looking at the various treatment options in front of me and explaining them. Yet she never pushed me in any direction, preferring instead to make the implications clear. For me it was a big relief to talk to someone committed to looking at the whole range of options, orthodox and holistic.”

MW ~ Recently diagnosed with cancer