2womenScreen1Starting your Recovery

You might have been through hell to get to a position where the primary treatment is over and you can start to focus more on recovery. Now that this intensity has passed, you might find it harder to get attention from medical staff and harder to find out what is really needed to get  started on the path of rebuilding yourself. We know that most cancer survivors are left to their own devices once initial treatment has ended.

“I remember finishing my medical treatment and my doctor said I was done and I could go back to my normal life. I hit a real period of depression when I finished treatment as I felt that my normal life had resulted in cancer”. 

Jenny Hrbacek, patient, nurse, author

Feeling your way back into life after treatment can be very difficult. Rebuilding your fragile confidence after your body has seemingly let you down is a long term project, requiring lots of patience, education and support.

You are not Alone

As your coach I walk alongside you helping you to empower yourself to take charge of your recovery process. Providing safe presence for you, you are free to express your concerns and be heard by a compassionate heart.

You will be encouraged to create specific action plans that enable you to take radical care of yourself in your own home.

Together we give your current needs attention, whilst as coach I keep the overview in perspective.

Systematic Approach

Cancer is a complex disease and in order to beat the odds of recurrence a thorough systematic approach is needed to ensure that all causal factors are addressed.

Cancer is also a devious disease which will never be cured by the model of ‘one single pill or herb or supplement’. It requires multi-level work on all aspects that can support the body’s own self-healing capacities.

This systematic approach I offer ensures you cover all the bases that are relevant to you.  And such an approach has been shown to not only minimise the likelihood of recurrence, but also to increase your joy in life.


Through the intake process the priorities for you will be assessed. Tests on urine, blood or hair will be recommended if appropriate. Tests can be vital pointers to the most constructive ways of regaining health, and can help enormously with re-establishing your self-confidence through monitoring the effects of those interventions.

One of the tests used for monitoring your progress is able to detect the earliest biochemical signs of the cancer process, up to 10 years earlier than conventional diagnostic techniques.


The Recovery Process

Step 1: Discovery session: (1 hour, face to face or by phone/Skype)

I initially offer a free introductory session for you to explore and obtain clarity about what support you currently need most. It is for you to get acquainted with me and to feel into whether working with me regularly over a longer period is right for you now. It is not for me to sell you something but does help me assess whether one of the programmes I offer is appropriate for you.

During the consultation you can get answers to all your questions about a Recovery Programme that can then be tailored to fit your unique needs.

Step 2: Needs Assessment (2 sessions)

Typically this package will always include two Needs Assessment sessions followed by either four sessions (Progamme A) or seven sessions (Programme B).
Each session lasts up to 1.5 hours and can be face to face when feasible or by Skype if necessary.

A detailed intake during these 2 sessions enables a systematic examination of your health and lifestyle. It ensures that your blind spots are not overlooked and all relevant root causes that need attention are identified.

Click here for more information on what we cover in the needs assessment sessions.

  • Review medical history and  intake questionnaires that provide insight into the total picture of your health.
  • Blood/urinary/hair testing may be recommended to assess your biochemistry.
  • We  identify which areas of your life and health are a priority now.
  • Examination of your iris structure (constitution) will help define your priorities, especially with regard to the kind of detoxification needed.
  • Detailed information is provided on how to undertake naturopathy-based detoxification techniques,  dietary changes, supplements, anti-cancer phytonutrients and breathing exercises.

Step 3: Bespoke Recovery Programme

Together we then choose for programme A or B (or something in between) depending on the stage of your disease (in remission or having had a local recurrence), the complexity of causative factors involved, and the nature of the treatment you are already receiving from your doctor(s).

Programme A: Physical Renewal (4 sessions)

Who is this for? This is a basic requirement for everybody because everyone who has (had) cancer has issues with toxicity, but the individual details may vary.

  • Review your progress and challenges with information on diet and detoxification from the first two sessions.
  • Learn self-help stress management techniques to build up the immune system
  • Address fatigue and stimulate recovery from the  after-effects of chemotherapy/radiotherapy

Programme B: From Fear to Trust (7 sessions + plus one optional half-day “Immersion”)

Who is this for? If you want the opportunity to go more into emotional/spiritual issues and experience a body centred transformation process
We start off with the Physical Renewal work as in Package A. This can optionally be followed by an Immersion (a face-to-face session lasting 2.5 – 3 hours) that facilitates a deeper dive into the bodywork so the subsequent sessions can build on this experience and have more value.

  • opportunity for exploring the deeper emotional issues,
  • exploring underlying beliefs/attitudes to life,
  • feeling more into what your body is telling you,
  • building supportive relationships,
  • awakening your feminine life-force,
  • receiving hands-on healing with light and earth energy.

Ongoing support by email is included in your programme to answer questions and provide support to implement radical self-care in your life.

In addition the programme includes a bonus review consultation by telephone 2-3 months after completion of programme A or B.

Your Investment

This commitment to investing in a longer term programme will help you get through the hard times that you may possibly encounter whilst making radical lifestyle changes.

The price of your package will be discussed at your Discovery Session. If the prices proposed are beyond your means, we can agree together what amount is feasible so that finance need not be a barrier to receiving support and guidance.

If you have the appropriate health insurance in Holland, about half the session costs can be recovered from your health insurance. However the costs of tests and supplements are additional.

An individual payment plan can be agreed with you.